6 Mar 2014 to 9 Mar 2014

RAMfest 2014 Johannesburg will be held at Witfontein, Bronkhorstspruit

Internationals artists announced to date:

Now most would say that they hardly remember their 8th birthday, but RAMfans, this is all going to change right here, right now! Get your party shoes out! We are bringing you a stellar line up of incredible international and local acts in 2014: These bands have sold millions of albums, won coveted awards, charted on the Billboard 200 and play major festivals worldwide. Ladies and Gentlemen, the long wait is over, and in vowing to always bring you the very best in alternative music, RAMfest 2014, presented by Red Heart Rum, proudly presents:
RAMfest JHB is a 4 day camping excursion, bring your tents caravans and camping gear. It is HOT that time of the year so bring extra shade i.e. Gazebo's stretch tents, sun hats, umbrellas etc. Camping is available to all, but not compulsory.


  • You may camp with your car, please park carefully and don’t take up unnecessary space. Cars parked in the road will be removed.
  • Camping is first come first served, so come early and get a good spot. 
  • If you want to camp with your friends, make sure to drive in convoy and arrive together.
  • The parking officials know what they are doing, please listen to them.
  • Please be considerate and do not park other campers in, follow the guides.
  • NO open fires will be tolerated outside of designated braai areas. Gas braai’s are welcome though.
  • NO Glass in the camping or entertainment area, please decant all your alcohol and other drinks into plastic bottles 
  • You can bring your own alcohol into the campsite, but not into the entertainment areas. 
  • No private sound systems allowed, there is going to be enough good music.
  • No pets allowed, 
  • You can bring your acoustic guitar for tunes around your campsite.
  • Bring car chargers for your cell phone to make sure you can keep in touch with your friends.


  1. Kreef Hotel bookings at www.kreefhotel.co.za
  2. Campervans / caravans: please contact info@ramfest.co.za


  • There will be enough toilets and showers for everyone
  • You can bring your own food, but there will be a food court with a lot of different food and arts & crafts stalls
  • There will be ATMs at the venue

Check Facebook and Twitter for annoucements. (Hashtag: #RAM2014)